Attention Mountain Bikers.

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Attention Mountain Bikers.

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Hello guys. This is nothing sport related but if you could take a second to read my post that would be great especially the mtb lads. Most of you guys riding/walking/running in Kilbranish North (the top barrier-entrance to turbines) would know my fathers land which is on the right hand side of the forest road, anyway about a mile up the lane you will see sort of an opening where the road widens and you can see my fathers land and fence on the right. This fence has been opened in a section and there have been about 55 hogget ewes taken/released. We think it happened either Tuesday evening/night or Wednesday. I am just wondering if anybody seen any suspicious activity up there recently (jeeps,trailers, men with sheepdogs) or if anybody has came across a bunch of sheep in the forestry. If you could pm me if anybody has any information that would be great. Thanks very much!!
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