Club Championships 2018

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Club Championships 2018

Postby racing795 » Fri Feb 02, 2018 10:01 am

For 2018 we have a new format.All Scoring will be from club events.
We’re going to try something slightly different with the aim being inclusion/participation of all members. Every member at the start of 2018 will have a chance of winning the much coveted Martin Mimnagh cup. If you’re somebody who doesn’t swim or maybe you don’t run no problem there are 18 events in total with the best 8 scoring plus you must marshal at 1 event.Fitness levels are irrelevant.
Hopefully these improvements will see the cup within reach of a lot more members and therefore create some excitement during the year.

There are 18 events through the year for all members to take part in, starting in January and finishing up in November.
We have an 8 week break during the summer to allow for holidays.
Below is the full list so you can plan your year.

Here's the list:

January 28th Sunday Duathlon 3km/20km/3km

February 25th Sunday Duathlon 3km/20km/3km

March 25th Sunday Duathlon 3km/20km/3km

April 8th Sunday Mtb 1st Race 2 laps 7 km

April 11th Wednesday Road Bike Race 25km

May 9th Wednesday Road Bike Race 25km

May 15th Tuesday Mtb 2nd Race 2 laps 7 km

June 6th Wednesday Road Bike Race 25km

June 12th Tuesday River Swim 750m

June 21st Thursday Mtb 3rd Race 2 laps 7km

June 26th Tuesday River Swim 750m

July 5th Thursday River Swim 1,500m

September 7th Friday X country Run 6km

September 13th Thursday Mtb 4th race 2 laps 7km

September 30th Sunday Mtb 5th race 2 laps 7km

October 7th Sunday Trail Run 8km

November 4th Sunday Mtb 6th Race 2 laps 7km

November 18th Sunday Hill Run 10km

We’re hoping that members will buy into this and all events will be well attended by members.

We will have a minimum marshal plan (replaced by signage!) with emphasis on participation so make sure to check the routes before! But we will need marshals. You need to marshal at a minimum of 1 event to qualify along with your best 8 events.

So how does the scoring work?

Every member will submit their current best times in the following:

Swim 750m or 1,500m Pool or Open Water. Use last yrs club river swims if suitable.

Bike 20km Solo/Tri/Club Duathlon or 25km Club race route(its a strava segment)

Run 5km or 10km Parkrun etc

Duathlon 3km20km3km Use 2017 Club duathlon times if suitable.

Please state when where etc

Mtb The race lap is on strava.
Members who have signed up to for champs and are doing the mtb events need to ride the loop numerous times to allow us to get their best time.
If not on strava you need to send PJ a selection of your times for that loop.

If you don’t have a best time because your new to the sport or due to inactivity last year, no problem, you can use your time from your first event in each. But points won’t count towards champs. Contact PJ and let him know if this is your plan.

Adjustments might be made by us but only in the interest of fairness to all.

Deadline for submitting above times to PJ is 21st Jan.
New members are allowed into champs as they join the club.
Text whatsapp viber etc your details to PJ on 087 two seven2047nine.

ALL members are welcome to race any event whether they are taking part in champs or not.

Each event will then be scored individually based on their pb.

An example of the scoring:

Submitted 10km run pb is 49:15

Time from Club 10km 52:30

Your score from that event would be 93.9 points. (49:15(pb) divide by 52:30(event time) = .939)

If you do all of one type of event you will score a bonus 10 points on top of your 8 best scores plus marshal.

So lets get out and participate together as a club!

Club Champs Committee (CCC!)
Niall Mike and PJ

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